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Stellar Investigations offers a wide variety of services, from claims investigation to litigation support. Our clients include insurance companies worldwide, defense counsel as well as the self-insured. We are active members of various insurance associations and investigative groups throughout the northeast region. Stellar Investigations remains apprised of the most recent changes to insurance law and the latest trends and developments in the insurance industry. We provide handling of a simple task to a more complex and detailed claims investigation. Our programs are developed to meet the needs of clients that require professional and knowledgeable services.

Offering a tremendous depth of services to the insurance industry, defense counsel, and the self-insured, from claims investigation to litigation support. As members of various insurance associations and investigative groups throughout the Northeast region, Stellar investigations remain apprised of the most recent changes to insurance law, the latest trends, and developments in the insurance industry. We provide a host of services and programs designed to meet the demands of clients who require knowledgeable and professional investigation.

Casualty Services

We provide both responsive and definitive resolutions. Our unit adjusts liability, lead, automobile, trucking, products, and environmental liability claims. Stellar Investigations specifically adheres to the needs of clients and their particular requests for investigations.

Claims Adjustments
Claims are adjusted on either a full or task assignment basis.

Obtain signed or recorded statements of all involved parties as well as witnesses.

Official Reports
Secure police, fire, and Department of Building Records.

Scene Investigations
Conduct locus site investigations, including both 35 mm or digital photographs, detailed diagrams, and canvassing for any and/or all witnesses.

Obtain and evaluate medical, hospital, and treating physician records.

Draft timely reports to reveal all facts and evaluate potential exposure.

Settle claims with adverse carriers and attorneys.

Manage subrogation investigations for the insured on both property damage and liability matters.

Background Searches
Secure C. I. B. reports and litigation searches to reveal prior claims.

Translation Services
Translate and interpret interviews and statements of insureds, claimants, and witnesses.

Notary Services
Notary public on staff to affirm signatures of affidavits and other documentation.

Litigation Support

Stellar Investigations prepares cases in the suit on an expedited and rushed basis. Client attorney matters are handled with the highest level of priority to ensure the most prompt service available.

Trial Preparation
Case file review and trial preparation sheet prepared.

Service Of Process
Prepare, serve and front all fees in the service of legal documents, including subpoenas, motions, affidavits, and judgments.

Record Receipt
Follow-up confirmation with all entities served that documents are received by the court.

Trial Testimony
Determine the location and preparation of the insured and all witnesses needed for trial.

Line up examining physicians, engineers, economists, reconstruction experts, and all other individuals needed for trial.

Work the needed after office and weekend hours necessary to expedite matters for trial preparation cases.

Adhere to a double diary system in the processing of fact gathering, reporting, process serving, and monitoring of documents received by the court.


Special Investigations

Our wealth of experienced investigators concentrate on providing all evidence and facts that are necessary to reveal fraud on suspicious claim matters. The S. I. U. unit of Stellar Investigations guarantees all the information pertaining to the required investigation is provided in timely and detailed reports. Our office works with various agencies in the United States to recognize the most recent areas of fraudulent activities that exist within the industry.

Activity Checks
Conduct activity checks which include a detailed canvas of the location to determine the activity of the target.

A careful and thorough pretext and sub-rosa check create more result-oriented surveillance of the subject.

Background Investigation
Background investigations include detailed asset checks, vehicle ownership and insurance information, real estate portfolio, business affiliations, and bank holdings.

Fraud Investigation
Fraud investigation that reveals bogus claims, staged accidents, No Fault fraud, phony property damage, and loss of earnings claims.

We conduct multi-county criminal searches, prior lawsuit checks, Workers' Compensation, and C. I. B. searches.