Stellar Investigations - Special Investigation    

Our wealth of experienced investigators concentrate in providing all evidence and facts that are necessary to reveal fraud on suspicious claim matters. The S. I. U. unit of Stellar Investigations guarantees all the information pertaining to the required investigation are provided in timely and detailed reports. Our office works with various agencies in the United States to recognize the most recent areas of fraudulent activities that exist within the industry.


Stellar Investigations - Special Investigations


Activity Checks
Conduct activity checks which include a detailed canvas of the location to determine the activity of the target.


A careful and thorough pretext and sub-rosa check that creates a more result oriented surveillance of the subject.


Background Investigation
Background investigations including detailed asset checks, vehicle ownership and insurance information, real estate portfolio, business affiliations and bank holdings.


Fraud Investigation
Fraud investigation that reveals bogus claims, staged accidents, No Fault fraud, phony property damage and loss of earnings claims.


We conduct multi-county criminal searches, prior lawsuit checks, Workers Compensation and C. I. B. searches.


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