Stellar Investigations - Litigation Support    

Stellar Investigations prepares cases in suit on an expedited and rushed basis. Client attorney matters are handled with the highest level of priority to insure the most prompt service available.


Stellar Investigations - Litigation Support


Trial Preparation
Case file review and trial preparation sheet prepared.


Service Of Process
Prepare, serve and front all fees in the service of legal documents including subpoenas, motions, affidavits and judgments.


Record Receipt
Follow up confirmation with all entities served that documents are received by the court.


Trial Testimony
Determine the location and preparation of the insured and all witnesses needed for trial.


Line up examining physicians, engineers, economists, reconstruction experts and all other individuals needed for trial.


Work the needed after office and weekend hours necessary to expedite matters for trial preparation cases.


Adhere to a double diary system in the processing of fact gathering, reporting, process serving and the monitoring of documents received by the court.


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